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Barns & Equipment

Precise Buildings, a seamless blend of modern design and Amish craftsmanship

Since 2002, Precise Buildings has been designing, building and restoring exceptional structures, from unique barns to indoor arenas.

Precise BankBarn 01A full-service custom builder located in the heart of Lancaster County, Precise has helped restore the landscape in Chester County, Pa., and many properties in Northern Maryland and New Jersey.

Precise specializes in crafting buildings using modern design and construction with traditional Amish craftsmanship.

Precise Barn FrontLeftSide 1This longstanding foundation drives Precise to create the highest quality structures in the industry.

Whether new construction or barn restoration, many considerations go into a Precise building.

For example, a barn with a post frame, metal roof and metal or wood siding is the easiest to build quickly at a reasonable price, and many people will opt to upgrade to a shingle roof over plywood sheeting to minimize the pounding of rain overhead.

Precise Exterior Left FrontOthers will add cupolas for additional venting and louvered gable vents.

Steel framed arenas allow for a much greater width than the post framed arenas, but at a higher price point.

Building size impacts design and materials choices, and impacts the final price.

An 80’ x 200’ arena will allow most disciplines to work unobstructed; sidewalls at 16’ will allow jumping at any height.

Once these dimensions are determined, the client can focus on material, door and window choices.

Light and ventilation are also considerations.

Split sliding doors, sliding windows, skylight panels and gable windows allow for light and ventilation.

Precise designs window and lighting arrangements that minimize shadows.

Precise ensures that its buildings have the most ventilation possible, the best natural lighting, and a door system that allows for the greatest access while helping airflow in the warm weather months.

Precise Buildings works with clients to factor all the variables into their building equation, to build the best structures at any price point.

To learn more, visit or call (717) 768-3200.

Sunnyburn provides top notch fencing

SUNNYBURN FENCING, located in Paradise, Pa., has been providing top notch fencing since 2002 to home and farm owners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and surrounding areas.

sUNNYBURNSUNNYBURN 2They offer installation and fence repair for residential, pool fences and agricultural farm high quality fencing at great prices .

Call Samuel today for your FREE ESTIMATE: 443--752-6231 or feel free to visit their website at (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) .

Rob Roy Farm, working with dirt, is a good steward of the land

With over 27 years experience working with dirt, Rob Roy Farm, Bob and Ryan Rohrer, a father/son team, provides varied services for our customers, not leaving the job site until the client is satisfied.

excavatorWe stand by our work and charge a fair price.

Awarded Conservation Contractor for Chester County Conservation District, Rob Roy Farm has good relationships with Conservation Districts in Lancaster, Chester, Delaware, and Cecil Counties.

We strive to be good stewards of the land.

Work includes: building and repairing ponds, waterways retention basins, horse rings, horse trails, terraces, building site work and advising clients on issues they may have with their projects.

We also work with our clients on all environmental permits pertaining to E and S plans including environmental and water control projects.

For additional information, call Bob Rohrer at 610-656-5871 or Ryan Rohrer at 610-656-5870

Today's barns can serve many functions at White Horse Construction

WHITE HORSE CONSTRUCTION advises buyers to decide for whom are they building.

White Horse bank barnsIt is said that “form follows function” creates extraordinary architecture, but when it comes to today’s barns there is far more than meets the eye.

Beyond the rectangular boxes of four walls and a roof lies history and imagination.

Although we sometimes view barns according to their function; i.e. housing livestock, cattle and horses, equipment, fodder, and often grain, there is far more that goes into a good barn.

White Horse interiorToday’s barns can serve many more functions than those mentioned, as they are used for residences, social gatherings, sporting events, wedding venues, restaurants, etc.

The barns we see today, that have lasted two centuries or more, are ones that were built well, leaving their counterparts literally in the dust, they are no longer around to compare.

We are not much different from our ancestors of 200 plus years ago; we can choose to build a barn to last for our lifetime only or for generations to come.

White Horse garagesSimeon Stoltzfus of White Horse Construction say it this way; “When deciding on the design and method used to build a new Barn of today, decide who you are building for; will your barn be a structure for the future to be handed down to subsequent generations, an investment adding to your estate and legacy, a time capsule for the future?”

When imagining your next Barn, choose value over expediency, legacy over economy, and integrity and honesty over the ordinary.

For maore information about Wite Horse Construction, call 610-593-5559.

Esch's Fencing provides top quality fence materials

For retail and wholesale fencing products, ESCH’S FENCING LLC is your complete source.

3 Rail PVCServing Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and New York since 1987, Esch’s Fencing LLC. provides top quality fence materials that fit the needs of residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial customers.

Board Fence

Esch's Fencing LLC sells and supplies a full line of fencing products to fit every need.

It keeps unique products in stock that will benefit the end user, whether a do-it-yourselfer or contractor.

buttonwoodfarmforarticleBuyers have a variety of options including split rail, post and board, PVC, woven horse wire, electric and vinyl-coated high-tensile, slip board, Centaur flexible fence and a choice of locust or pressure-treated posts as well as a variety of gates.

It also carries a large variety of products such as aluminum, vinyl and custom wood picket and privacy fence for all your residential fencing needs.

Conveniently located near the intersection of Rte. 10 and Rte. 30 in Gap, Pa., Esch’s can be reached at 610-857-1676, or esch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Groffdale Barns, experienced in building horse barns, sheds and run-ins

GROFFDALE BARNS has been in business forever 30 years.

Groffdale 1In 1984, Moses Riehl started building small sheds, row stables and run-ins at his shop adjacent to his horse barn.

Having been raised in a Amish home, Moses had horses of hisown and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses.

New and updated designs incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish craftsmen was the beginning of Groffdale Barn’s legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up to the quality that horse owner’s demand.

Groffdale 2Groffdale Barns will also do barn restoration.

We service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New York and Connecticut.

We are the manufacturer, and we sell direct to you, with no middle man , making the savings yours.

Groffdale 3Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth and decades of experience.

For more information, visit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Chester County Fencing provides quality work and products

JESSE FISHER, OWNER OF CHESTER COUNTY FENCING , LLC takes pride in honesty, and quality work and products.

He will meet you at your farm to help design and layout your fence project that will be built by the firm's experienced employees.

Chester Co FencingFisher was born and raised with horse’s so it comes naturally to help you in every way we can to provide both an efficient and safe equine farm operation.

"We are from a family based business with Christian values and strive for lasting relationships with our customers."

Chester Co. fencingThe firm, located at 772 Poplar Rd, in Honeybrook, Pa., offers split rail, post and board, slip board,woven horse wire,
Centaur Flex Fencing, and PVC vinyl horse rail fencing.

It also sells run-in-sheds from 10 x10' to 12 x 48' in wood or metal siding. Dutch windows and doors, and stall partitions with grills are also available.

Call 610-273-3300, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website:

The Orion West Lighting Advantage

ORION WEST LIGHTING is a Wisconsin based company.

Equine LightingWe have served the equine, dairy, and hog industry since 1996.

In that time, we have participated in lighting more than 1,500 indoor arenas and four times as many stall barns.

Our fixtures are designed specifically for use in horse facilities, stalls, grooming and wash stall, grain and hay storage areas, aisle ways, breeding and veterinary facilities, mare motels, boarding stables, and indoor riding arenas.

We combine the latest innovative technology with the highest grade components to produce the safest, most reliable, economical and effective fixture available.

equine lighting rightWe market the latest LED fixtures for stalls, aisle ways, and indoor arenas.

We also market commercial grade agricultural fans and infrared heaters.

We would be happy to do a complimentary lighting layout for your facility.

Our goal is to provide you with an affordable and effective lighting system that can save money and create a safer and more enjoyable work environment for you and your horses.

For more information, call 877-351-0841 or go to

Reveal 4-n-1 has the capabilities of many tools

THE REVEAL 4-n-1 LLC has been manufactured and marketed as a family owned and operated business for over 25 years.

Reveal tool jWe understand the ground finishing process and have designed the ultimate multi-purpose tool to meet your needs.

Don and Janet Reveal began the business in 1990 and gained national recognition through hard work and attention to customer service.

The family has continued to operate the business with the same friendly and professional service you have come to expect.

Quality of the product that bears our family name is our priority.

The Reveal 4-n-1 has the capabilities of multiple tools without the hassle and time required to hook and unhook several pieces of equipment.

Because of the multiple functions that are hydraulically operated, this one tool allows you to control the situation without being limited to a single function piece of equipment, all from the comfort of your tractor seat.

Our unit is available in various sizes and in hitch categories 1, 2, and 3 to match your equipment.

We can add additional features such as water, wheels, and laser, to meet all your needs.

Anyone working the ground can get better results with less effort on a variety of materials, including sand, clay, soil, rubber-added, and gravel (driveways), using the Reveal 4-n-1.

It's a cost effective, versatile 3-point hitch implement that allows you to perform virtually all processes of ground preparation with one unit, saving time and money.

The Reveal 4-n-1 is sold and used throughout the United States and Internationally (Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, and Guatemala) with great success for arenas, gravel driveways, landscaping, erosion repair, agricultural use, ball field maintenance and much more.

The Reveal 4-n-1 is uniquely suited to the arena and has the ability to dig the ground up or to firm it down, so it is adaptable to whatever ground condition or riding style is desired. (Barrel Racers, Cutters, Ropers, Hunter Jumpers, Dressage, etc.)
The Reveal 4-n-1 is the official tool of the NBHA.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. We are the original, and still the best multi-purpose tool. The Reveal 4-n-1

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