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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jessica Jo Tate on Faberge won DAD Freestyle, Tom Dvorak rode Cyrus to win the FEI Prix St. George at Dressage at Devon

DEVON, Pa.--Jessica Jo Tate rode Faberge to win the Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at Devon at the Devon showgrounds on Sept. 29.

Jessica Jo Tate celebratesJessica Jo Tate celebrates (Photo by Alix Coleman)Jessica Jo Tate on Faberge (FloristanI/Baroness), earned an impressive score of 73.650, riding to what she called “a mixture of pop and classical.

“It was a really good time, and the weather was great," said Tate. "It is such a famous ring. Every rider understands the magic of the Dixon Oval. It is so much like Europe. The crowd was wonderful, truly behind the rider. It is an honor to ride in the Dixon.”

“He is a horse with a heart of gold," said Tate of Faberge. "Actually, he is all gold!”

Coming in second was Nicole Harrington of Batavia, Ohio on Wizard of Oz (Weltmeyer/Vadella).

Harrington bought him as a Prix St Georges horse, as a project with the intent to resell.

But horses sometimes have a way of finding their way into the hearts of riders.

This is the first time she has done the CDI saying “It was always on my bucket list.”

The music was a mixed sound track from, where else, The Wizard of Oz.

From Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the evil witch cackling in the background, it just fit.

“It started out as a joke,” said Harrington. “But that’s what he wanted. He loved it!”

Kimberly Herslow of Stockton, N.J., rode Soraya II (Sandro Hit/Dynamique) to third with a score 70.275, riding to a mix of Taylor Swift, Adele, and Nicki Minaj.

“This was her first CDI Freestyle and I just decided to go for it,” said Herslow. “I felt I could ride with a little more expression. This is the most fun freestyle I’ve ever done!”

Tate was thrilled with her victory and celebrated with an ecstatic victory gallop.

Tom Dvorak rode Cyrus (Contucci/Corthena) to win the FEI Prix St Georges CDI 3* over more than 25 riders. at Dressage at Devon at the Devon showgrounds on Sept. 30.

Jessica Jo Tate PresentationDADJessica Jo Tate, winner of the Freestyle (Photo by Alix Coleman)Cyrus is a 9-year-old, dark bay Oldenburg gelding, owned by Carla Bahr.

Dvorak, from Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada, has been riding Cyrus since he was a 4-year-old.

“This was his first full season, and he has done very well," said Dvorak. "He has won many CDIs and is coming into his own. He is a keen worker and very smart and confident. I was happy with my ride. He was a little distracted but stayed with me.”

“I love this event," said Dvorak of DAD. It is the highlight of the season for me. I love the atmosphere and the tradition of the show.”

Dvorak has been competing at Devon for the past 25 years.

“If I have a horse that can show here, I’m here,” he said.


FRIDAY NIGHT at Dressage at Devon features qualifying classes for the Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle.

AdiahAdiah (Photo by Alix Coleman)Jim Koford’s ride in the Grand Prix Freestyle qualifier was Adiah HP (Nico/Marije Ant), a three-quarter Friesian, one-quarter Dutch  Warmblood, red and white, 11-year old mare.

She is a powerhouse and a horse Koford loves to ride.

He saw video of Adiah as a 4-yearold and he said he quickly had a crush on her.

When she was 7 years old, she was entered in a clinic Koford was giving, he loved her then and got the ride on her soon after.

Koford had ridden her sire, Nico, at Dressage at Devon, and now has brought the daughter to compete under the lights.

“Adiah HP was purposely bred for dressage and she is the queen," said Koford "It is her show and she is in control. It is the Adiah show, not the Jim show."

Jessica JO TateJessica Jo Tate (Photo by Alix Coleman)The FEI Grand Prix CDI CDI3*, the qualifier for the Grand Prix Special, was won by Disney Tyme (Diamond Hit/Welleria), a 10-year-old Oldenburg, ridden by Evi Strasser, with a score of 63.783.

The FEI Grand Prix CDIW, the qualifier for the Grand Prix Freestyle, was won by Faberge, (FloristanI/Baroness), a 15-year-old, bay  gelding, ridden by Jessica Jo Tate of Wellington, Fla., with a score of 67.130.


DAD BEGAN Sept.27 with the breed show.

The judges evaluate the foals in three areas: the walk, trot, and confirmation.

A breed show championA breed show champion (Photo by Alix Coleman)“When looking at confirmation, we analyze the built of the foal, looking at things like how the neck is put into the shoulders." said Janet Foy, one of the judges.” The walk is the next phase of the test, and judges examine the rhythm and freedom of the foal’s step. Trotting by guidance of a handler is the final part of the test. There is the repeated importance of rhythm and freedom of limbs in this movement as well as the balance of activity.”

“Foals are expected to play as they are still young," said Foy. "General Impression is only about 10 percent of what we look for.”

The Foal Championship was won by Noah ISF (Contango x Cayenne w), a bay, KWPN stallion born in this year.

He is owned by Mary Alice Malone, Iron Spring Farm of Coatesville, Pa.

The Young Horse Championship was won by Summersby II (Sezuan), a 3-year- old Oldenburg mare, owned by owned by Alice Tarjan from Oldwick, N.J.

The Stallion Championship was won by Bingotti (Hilltop Bugatti/Wolkenfee), an 8-year-old chestnut Hanovarian bred by Kathleen & Don Swalwell of Manchester, Mich.

The Mare Championship was won by Dhanube (Destano/Sp.pr Lhorna Doone), a 5-year-old chestnut Oldenburg, bred by Maurine Swanson of Slatington, Pa.

Mature Horse ChampionLionel Photo by Alix Coleman)The Mature Horse Championship was won by Bingotti.

The breed show on Thursday started off with sunshine.

All the horses were special but two stood out.

One was Summersby II (Sezuan), bred by Nicole Wanning and owned by Grand Prix rider, Alice Tarjan.

This striking mare is a 17.3, 3-year-old Oldenburg mare.

She won the Filly Championship, took home the blue in the 3-year- old Dressage at Devon Prospect Champion, won the Dressage at Devon Grand Championship and the USDF DSHB Mare Final with a score of 80.925.

She was in the winner’s circle again, placing first in the USDFBC Three Year Old Materiale Championship with a score of 91.25.

Tarjan is known for ability to spot a new prospect and bring it along to top levels in her spare time. S

She is a lawyer who works with her husband in their trucking and rigging business as well as in real estate.

Dhanube (Destano/Special Premium Lhorna Doone by Londonderry) is owned and bred by Maureen Swanson, a breeder from Slatington, Pa., was another star.

This 16.2, chestnut mare, was Dressage at Devon Reserve Champion Mature Horse, overall high score Born in the USA with 84.350 percent, winner of 4 year old and older Maiden Mares, 4 year old and older mares under saddle, GOV class, and Mare Champion.

Reck it Ralph 3 y.o. colts geldingsReck it Ralph, winner of 3 y.o. colts geldings (Photo by Alix Coleman)She is 5th generation from Swanson’s breeding program and descends from her first Hanoverian riding mare.

The USDF DSHB Stallion Final was won by Lionel, a 17.1 bay Danish gelding, owned by Cara Kettenbach and bred by Oak Hill Ranch of North Andover, Mass.

The USDFBC Current Year Foal Final was won by Noah ISF (Contango/Cayenne w), a 12.3 bay stallion bred by Iron Spring Farm.

The USDFBC Filly Final was won by Savannah HTF (Sternlicht ggf/Allegra q) with a score of 78.438.

This two-year-old Hanoverian was bred by Hilltop Farm of Colera, Md.


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