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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Equine Vets & Caregivers

Sports Medicine Associates treats many top race horses, eventers and show horses

COCHRANVILLE, Pa--Sports Medicine Associates is located in the heart of Chester County, Pa., surrounded by premier eventing facilities, Thoroughbred farms, and Cheshire Hunt Country.

Sports MedicineOur practice is comprised of four veterinarians: Founder Kevin Keane, Ashley Taylor, Zehra Gundogan and Taryn Gassert.

Together this team specializes in the unique care and management of the equine athlete.

Our vast knowledge in a variety of equine disciplines, combined with our experience in the field, state of the art equipment, and desire to never give up on a case, make the care your horse will receive one of a kind.

Dr. Keane has for years treated the top race horses trained by Hall of Fame trainer Jonathan Sheppard and is highly respected in the thoroughbred race horse world.

Dr. Keane also treats top event horses at the largest and most important three-day events, and he is a top event rider himself, having completed Rolex Kentucky.

Sports Medicine logoAfter establishing Sports Medicine Associates in Cochranville, Dr. Keane added Drs. Taylor, Gundogan and Gassert, all tops in their field, to expand his already flourishing business.

All of our Veterinarians are certified by the FEI and are current in regulations set by the USEF (United States Equestrian Foundation), NSA (National Steeplechase Association), and state racing regulations.

We are conveniently located at 172 Hood Road, Cochranville, Pa.19330 610-869-4000

Dr. Brendan Furlong, a sport horse expert

Dr.Brendan Furlong has served as the Team Veterinarian for the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team since 1994.

Furlong 1He is one of the foremost sport horse experts in the United States.

An Irish horseman, Dr. Brendan Furlong was born and raised on a farm in Adamstown, county Wexford of Ireland.

His father was an exceptional horseman, and Dr. Furlong’s passion for sport horses was developed from a very young age.

He graduated from the Veterinary College of Ireland with honors in 1976, and in 1977 came to the United States for a two-year

Furlong 3He never left.

In 1980 he founded the practice that bears his name, and over 30+ years has built it into one of the premier equine clinics in the nation.

His passion has always been sport horses; because of his experience and expertise Dr. Furlong has been highly sought after for pre-purchase exams and has traveled around the world to perform exams on behalf of his clients.

He has been part of the careers of some of the world’s most prolific sport horses.

Due to his experience and expertise, he has been a part of numerous United States teams since 1990.

From 1994-2012, he has served the Three Day Eventing Team as team veterinarian at every Olympic Games, Pan American Games, and World Championship Games.

IFurlong 2n this role, he has provided the necessary support to the horses and riders to allow them to bring home numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Additionally, he has accompanied the Show Jumping Team to Europe and Mexico for World Cups, cared for horses at the Combined Driving World Championships, and in 2010 he was one of the team veterinarians attending to 80 U.S. Driving horses at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Ky.

Brendan is married to Dr. Wendy Leich, who is also a vet in the practice.

They have two sons: Adam, who is the Project Manager at the practice, and Jonathan, who has recently earned his DVM from the University of Melbourne as completing an internship in Florida.

Brendan and Wendy breed and train sport horses on the farms in Pittstown, N.J.

In his spare time, Dr. Furlong is a member of the Essex Fox Hounds and also enjoys farming.

Mid Atlantic Equine: The Leader in Premier Equine Veterinary Medicine since 1986

Since opening its doors in 1986, the Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center has developed an enviable reputation as one of the premier equine veterinary hospitals in the country.

mid atlantic 2Over the years, our growing reputation has given us the opportunity to work on horses of various breeds and disciplines, from Kentucky Derby, Hambletonian winners and Olympic athletes to our local Hunterdon County equine friends.

This growth has been fostered by our doctors’ commitment to resolve equine health issues, and patiently and effectively communicate with horse owners and professionals.

The team that has been put in place allows the hospital to provide exceptional care to the patient, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

mid atlantic 3We have board certified specialists in the fields of surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine and rehabilitation, and cardiology.

In addition to the hospital clinicians, we also have a field service department, whose veterinarians work closely with the specialists as a team, providing quality care at the farm.

We perform upwards of 450 elective and emergency surgeries annually, and we have amassed a complete diagnostic imaging arsenal including MRI, CT scan and nuclear scintigraphy.

mid atlantic 1When it comes to Equine hospitals in the Mid-Atlantic region, only the Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center offers comprehensive compassionate care to optimize the health of your equine athlete or companion.

Call 609-397-0078 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! A tour of our facility can be found on our website!

Emily Hoppes, equine dentist

Emily Mitchell Hoppes is one very busy woman.

Emily HoppesShe works full time as an equine dentist, and she is also an authorized representative for DAC® Vitamins and Minerals.

As an Equine dentist, she can help horses avoid a variety of ills.

A horse that cannot grind its food properly will not get proper nutrition, leading to poor health, weight loss, poor hair coat, poor hooves, overfeeding to maintain weight, and many other health problems.

Horses suffering from pain and abnormal pressure will not be focused on their job or training but rather on getting away from the pain.

A horse that is not able to grind its food properly will swallow partially chewed food which can lead to choke.

Partially chewed food cannot be digested properly, and if trapped in the intestinal region it can cause colic.

Hoppes 2As an authorized DAC representative, Emily boasts that “DAC provides the finest nutritional products at the most economical prices possible, and is one of the first companies to earn the National Animal Supplement council (NASC) quality seal.

DAC works with PHN Performance Horse Nutrition, a world renowned Equine Nutrition consulting company to bring the latest equine nutrition knowledge to horse owners.”

All DAC® vitamins use chelated minerals, organic minerals bonded to an amino acid so that the two do not separate and are more absorbable.

Minerals play a critical role in metabolic functions including reproduction, bone development, nerve function, hoof, skin, coat and energy balance.

Hoppes 3DAC® has products from a full hair care line to skin and coat health, weight gain, joint, breeding, and digestive products including top product, DAC® Cool Gut, the gastric game changer.

For the finest health and performance options for your horse(s), you can reach Emily at (570) 956-9037 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Unionville Equine provides exceptional care

UNIONVILLE, Pa--Unionville Equine Associates, P.C. or UEA has provided veterinary service to the equine community for over 30 years.

UNIONVILL EQUINE 1UEA believes in creating a partnership between the horse, owner, and veterinarian to provide exceptional care of each individual.

At UEA, we believe in not only quality care, but also fast response time in emergency situations.

In order to best assist you, our veterinarians and staff utilize a team approach to provide our clients with the fastest response time possible.

unionville equine 2We offer ambulatory services, where a veterinarian will come to your farm, or we take appointments on an outpatient basis, where you may ship your horse in to our clinic for evaluation and treatment.

Our facility features a business office with excellent support staff, a laboratory with in-house machines to run bloodwork, surgery suite with extra large recovery stalls, as well as an extensive outpatient area with private, spacious examination rooms.

Our outdoor facility features a riding arena with all-weather footing and a round pen that can be utilized during purchase exams and performance evaluations.

A four stall barn with individual paddocks is also available to board broodmares while they are being evaluated, bred, and treated.

Our surgical team provides comprehensive care for a wide variety of conditions, both routine and emergency.

uionville equine 3Our facility hosts a state of the art surgical suite with monorail system to safely transport your horse through induction, surgery, and to our fully padded recovery stall.

In addition, we employ exceptional biosecurity protocols including sealed rubber mat floors for thorough cleaning between patients as well as a separate Hepa airflow filtration system.

We pride ourselves on individualized care for every patient and are proud of our knowledgeable and compassionate staff that will be with you and your horse every step of the way from diagnosis through recovery.

Call us at 610-932-6800 or visit

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