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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Me & My Horse

Send in your story about you and your horse

"Meet Stacey, one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet," sent in Sarah Grote.

We met at the rescue in August of 2014, and every photo I have taken of her tells a story. I have always loved how she talks to each horse who is rescued, tells them her name, welcomes them to CDHR, and makes them comfortable.

She is a go to person and helps so many people, too, at the rescue. She is admired for her strength and compassion. She also has a sense of humor that will make you laugh uncontrollably. And that is an understatement!

Stacey also dedicates so many hours to the rescue, not only on her shifts, but with special projects and teams. She is one of the team members of team canker, and has dedicated hundreds and hundreds of hours in the treatment and rehabilitation in this specialized area. In one year, the team has treated three for canker, two of which were severe and difficult.

She is resilient even when it is challenging at times. The only things bigger than her physical and mental strength, which are both incredible, are her love and compassion for the horses at CDHR. She loves the horses infinitely,and is always the one right by their side during the difficult times. The pain, the disease, the loss; she always puts them first. With Stacey, the horses are never, ever, alone.

The most incredible part about Stacey is that she doesn't truly know how awesome she is. But luckily, we do. And we are grateful.

Stacey is pictured here with Freddy, a senior Belgian rescued workhorse who at just arrived at the Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue after working on the fields for two decades.

It was two days after my birthday.

He looked so scared, and his feet looked so painful. That didn't last long though. He melted from the hugs, his eyes sparkled from the kisses, his pedicure by Joe gave him artisan feet, and Aideen held hay with an outstretched arm and an ear to ear grin for him right after.

He knew right then he had been rescued. His eyes warmed up in pictures. He had such long your eyelashes were and his eyes were a beautiful amber. My own heart melted hearing the story of how you brought hay to Gretchen the Belgian because she didn't have any; forever the kind soul. He was so happy on his adoption day and loved at his forever home.

Stacey and Freddy Sarah Grote Photography





CoCo is my sweet and sassy Quarter Horse mare.

I took this girl out of an unsafe environment and while many people say I rescued her, I think we rescued each other.

She is my partner in crime and my heart.

I’m so thankful to call her my girl! Amanda  SmithMe horse






Billy is a horse that has conquered many obstacles in his life.

He came to me at the age of 12 and now at the fine age of 24 he still melts my heart everyday!!!

He will be my forever best friend!!! Caysie Calder

me horse 1






This is Stop The Thunder, son of famous racehorse Point Given!

His barn name is Jarvis. I have had him for 5 years!

We are besties, and we live in Gainesville Georgia! Thank you, Alisa Cray







This is Stella and Fiona.

I tried both and decided to buy Stella. An OTTB.

But Fiona was her pasture mate. I could not separate them so I bought her.

Fiona was a total gamble. She was kicked in the head before I bought her. I had no idea of the severity. I took her anyway.

Turns out her skull was shattered. I had a great vet and the Grace of God and she is all healed up now.

They both are at their forever home with me.







Hi. Below is a picture of me and my horse, Zortago last year at WIHS. This was truly an experience like no other! I had no idea what to expect, and it was my proudest moment when he marched around like we were home! We were lucky enough to requalify this year, and will be going as a family with my sister and her two horses who also qualified! Many thanks to Shawn McMillan for capturing this special moment! Amy Meravi.

MeHorse WIHS






Penny is my go to horse once or twice a year when family and friends want to ride. Sweetest horse with an old soul. Sheri Dankanich

MeHorse Sheri





When my daughter, LT Morgan Dankanich, is home from the USS New York (US Navy) she enjoys spending time on the trails with Conway. Sheri Dankanich







My name is Mike, this is my best friend and business partner Kenny, 13 year old Tennessee Walker Gelding, MIKE WILSON






Hi there!
Just wanted to say I so enjoy reading about the Horse of Delaware Valley all the way out here in Alberta Canada!!

Such charming photos that put a smile on my face😀❤️.

Here’s my wonderful girl Olivia.

She was a starvation case when she was a youngster but now at 6 years old is in amazing shape and as you can see.. very happy.

She’s so great at finding people’s pain on their bodies and also in their hearts. She will put her nose or head where it hurts🥰❤️

Kindest regards

Julie Phillips

Kids Olivia 2







Nothing better than a sweet Grandson horse.

Love this one to pieces. Always gives me a fun

ride! Please let me introduce you to ❤️Miles.

Ginny Jenkins

Me my horse

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