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All Natural Products

Crownstone carries many holistic supplements and remedies

At CROWNSTONE FEED & FARRIER SUPPLY discover natural products like YUNNAN BAIYAO, a natural treatment to include in your equine, pet or human first aid kit.

Crownstone SignDeveloped in China in 1902, its life-saving properties stop bleeding and remove blood stasis.

EIPH racehorses “bleeders” have successfully used this aid when in training, often eliminating the need for Lasix.

Pets afflicted with hemangiosarcomas are helped greatly.

It is used frequently at large animal hospitals and clinics.

crownsstone NaturalsMARSHMALLOW ROOT helps horses, dogs and people suffering from gastritis, ulcers, heartburn, colitis, hind-gut ulcers and beyond.

By coating the entire digestive tract the body is able to heal naturally. It is sold in bulk: powder and flakes.

At Crownstone we also carry a number of other holistic supplements and remedies for the body and hoof including: ENVIRO EQUINE Products, Tea Tree Hoof oil, Kevin Bacon’s Natural Hoof Solution and Uckele’s Devils Claw Plus.

For more information, visit

Ulceraser® is an all-natural forage based gut health and ulcer prevention supplement

Ulceraser® is an all-natural forage based gut health and ulcer prevention supplement that tastes so good, even the pickiest eaters love it!

elixir 1Signs of Ulcers
Lack of constant roughage combined with intense exercise, competition, travel, and frequent use of harsh non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can result in painful ulcers. Signs of ulcers include:
• Irritability
• Resistance to leg
• Anxiousness
• Spookiness
• Girthiness
• Poor appetite
• Weight loss
• Dull coat
• Mild colic and colic-like symptoms
• Poor performance

ELIXIR feedjpgAll-Natural Supplement vs Prescription Drugs
Prescription drug treatment of ulcers falls into different categories. Drugs such as omeprazole and ranitidine shut down the production of acid from the gastric pumps. Other drugs, such as sucralfate, act as coating agents while drugs like misoprostol are synthetic prostaglandins that target inflammation in the colon. Though prescription drugs can treat ulcers, the goal is to prevent their formation or recurrence. Gastric health and ulcer prevention can be managed through dietary supplements that assist in healing and protecting the stomach and intestinal linings.

Why Ulceraser®?
• Used by the biggest names in the sport
• FEI and USEF safe
• Contains NO prohibited substances
• Used by horses across all disciplines, including hunter, jumper, equitation, dressage, eventing and racing.

eliir 3 “Having suffered from GI issues my entire life, I know the struggles associated with trying to perform through the pain. For this reason, I am acutely aware of the importance of gastro health for my horses. Since starting my horses on Ulceraser®, I have seen a substantial improvement in their comfort and performance. Ulceraser® is the first all-natural, FEI and USEF safe product that I’ve seen produce such great results. I’m thrilled to be using a product that my horses love to eat and which allows them to perform their best.” – George Morris
To learn more or order online, visit or call (561) 818-4222.



Amy Meravi is a Certified Health Coach for OPTAVIA®

Amy Meravi is an amateur rider who was self-conscience in her show clothes.

Amy Meravi 1“I was tired of keeping my jacket on, or wearing a baggy t-shirt over my show clothes in the summer,” says Amy.

amy Morai 2So in the fall of 2017, after watching a fellow rider have success on this program, she reached out and decided to try it.

“The inches just melted off! It was so simple, I was amazed!" said Meravi. "I lost 25 pounds with no additional exercise, and I have much more stamina in the saddle.”

Happy with her success, and fielding questions on how she did it, Amy decided to join the company.

“As a Certified Health Coach for OPTAVIA®, I can work from anywhere.

beAmy Moravi 3fRing-side, no problem!

It’s given me so much confidence, and happiness, that I want everyone to feel this good.

When you change the way you eat, and think about food, it changes your life!

We all deserve this, and it’s such a simple program.”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hope Equine Products brings the finest natural products

Hope Equine Products brings you the finest natural products available for the care and maintenance of your horse (and dog).

Hope Equine 1All are 100 percent Equine Science pure herbs with no fillers or preservatives.

JC , a Farrier and a certified Equine Podiatrist, specializes in hoof disease, such as laminitis and navicular syndrome in horses.

Hope Equine 2He and his wife sell top notch products that have been proven to work.

See the many offerings on their website, such as Herbal Bute, Cushings Blend, Hoof Hair and Skin Blend and Allergy Blend and Mo Lung (these are THE products you will want to know about now that Spring is here).

Be sure to check out our Say Whoa, which is a natural colic relief, then there is Natural Fly Spray and Bug Zap Garlic, both that help with the control of insects, to name just a few of the many products offered.

Hope Equine 3Need help? Give us a call!

We’d be happy to consult with you on any health or hoof related issues.

Call JC at 908-459-4700 or go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are also a dealer for Cavallo Hoof Boots (you have to try their Trek Boot!)

Designed for the comfort of any barefoot horse for all terrain and weather conditions.

PRO BI is sold by Advanced Biological Concepts

PRO BI™ is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency.

PROBIAn animal’s beneficial intestinal bacteria can be destroyed or depleted and the pH of their environment can be altered during times of stress.

Competition, travel, breeding, treatment with antibiotics, de-wormers and other medications can cause this stress.

Stress can also be created by alterations of weather, environment, feed, and water.

Use before, during, and after travel and competition, or along with de-wormers, antibiotic and other drug therapies.

Use also with alterations of feed, water, and/or environment, and at any sign of digestive disorders.

PRO BI™ is on sale, 10% off All Sizes, April 1 - 8, 2018!

No coupon code is required.

Visit or call 1-800-373-5971 to order.

For Love of the Horse, a new approach to horse health care

For Love of the Horse has a whole new approach to natural horse health care. (View video here.)

For Love of the HorseDr. Thomas has integrated Chinese medical theory and pharmacology with the science of Equine Pathophysiology to develop Herbal Solutions that target the root of the issue.

The result is an effective way to help your horse recover from a full range of horse health issues including: heaves, laminitis, ringbone, lymes, pigeon fever, sarcoids, gastric ulcers, osteomyelitis, and arthritis.

For Love of the Horse 2Only pharmaceutical grade herbs that have been screened and tested in a bio-chemical laboratory and tracked for “seed to shelf” purity are used.

For Love of the horse has well trained Horse Health Advisors who will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Call 866-537-7336 ext. 1 to speak to a Horse Health Advisor, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit a Horse Health Questionnaire online for any assistance that you need.

We are here to help your horse.

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