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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Bite-Lite has the best outdoor horse fly control system

If you know your fly entomology, and you indeed have the species called tabanids, aka horse flies, Bite-Lite has the best outdoor horse fly control system on the market, the H-Trap.

Bite Lite 1With its one legged metal anchor rod, the H-Trap is sturdy, wind and weather resistant, and easy to set up and maintain in both commercial and residential settings where blood thirsty green heads, deer flies, yellow flies, and "B 52s " are waiting to bite your horses in the paddocks and family near the pool.

The H-Trap has been scientifically proven to trap biting female horse flies better than any other commercial or government surveillance trap.

Bitr lite 2Coverage is 2.5 acres or about 5 horses.

The H-Trap is not designed to catch biting stable and horn flies.

Bite-Lite is a family-run business whose mission is to offer unique and often natural solutions against biting and stinging insects.

Bitr lite 3

Standing alone in a hot, sunny location, the trap works chemical free, with the thermal black ball acting as a natural attractant. To enhance more catches, Bite-Lite is now selling chemical lures in 27 registered


Click here to learn more about the H-Trap and watch the video.

Call Bite-Lite at 855-248-3548 or order online https://horse-fly-trap.com/

Mega Event to Find Homes for 1000 Dogs & Cats

Mark your calendar for the biggest adoption event in the country.

B V SPCA 1The Brandywine Valley SPCA is hosting its sixth Mega Adoption Event, with more than 1000 cats and dogs available for adoption on June 29 and 30 at the Bob Carpenter Center on the University of Delaware campus.

B V SPCA 2The BVSPCA is bringing together a group of 14 shelters and rescues to find homes for wonderful pets looking for a forever family – puppies, kittens, cats, dogs, a pet to match pretty much any family.

Adoption fees are only $35, and adopters take their new family member home that day.

All pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and have tons of love to give.

B V SPCA 3Full house?

Join as a volunteer to help with event logistics or caring for the animals during this exciting event.

More details: www.megaadopt.com

PET PHOTO SESSIONS – are fun and make great gifts!

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa.--If you want some great memorable photos of your pet(s), and some shots even with you and your pet or with your children, you might want to get in touch with local Chester County Photographer, Ginny Jenkins.

GINNY PET STORY 1She will work with the animals and children or adults to make an enjoyable session in any season.

Get candid shots to enjoy for a lifetime.

She also enjoys photographing people and animals at smaller, less formal special gatherings.

Giny pet 2Ginny is best known for her natural Equine Photography which she promotes in her second Edition book called HORSES NATURALLY thru Amazon.com……and in past HORSES OF CHESTER COUNTY Calendars.

One or more people are welcome to book a session for just $50 and she will offer all edited digital transfers to you for any use you wish.

Ginny primarily shoots around Chester and surrounding counties in Pa.

Ginny pet 3These shots make great gifts!

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your interests.

The unique design of EquiGroomer makes horses, dogs and cats love it!

Although originally designed as a shedding tool for horses, avid animal lover Cheryl Dauphin quickly learned that many of her equine customers were using EquiGroomer on their own cats and dogs.

Equi groomer 1From Corgis and Shepherds to Boxers and Bulldogs, nearly every dog owner gave her a 'thumbs up'.

Even cat owners, who said they couldn’t get near their cats with anything resembling a grooming tool, boasted that their cats—even their long-haired ones—loved the EquiGroomer because the blade mimicked another cat’s tongue.

What makes the EquiGroomer unique is the design of its teeth which relies on physiology rather than friction to remove unwanted hair.

As hair gets old and dry it develops scales that not only attract dirt and dander, it also causes the hair to get dull.

Equi groomer 3Tiny burrs on each tooth of the EquiGroomer’s blade grab onto those scales and gently pull the dead hair out taking the dirt and grime with it.

More importantly, because there is no cutting edge between each tooth, the EquiGroomer only removes dead, scaly hair.

Healthy hair glides effortlessly between the teeth so your pet’s coat will actually improve with regular use.

Equi groomer 2Keeping your dog or cat’s coat clean, shiny, soft and free from the itch and unsightliness of a shedding coat is the responsibility of all caring pet owners.

Visit the website for videos and reviews demonstrating its effectiveness on all types of animals: www.equigroomer.com.

Make the Flies Get Lost With Ecovet, Pesticide-Free Repellent Now Available in Improved Scent

Horse owners often find their fly sprays are losing the battle against pesky flies.

Eco vet 1Many are concerned about using toxic pesticides on their horses, but find that "natural" essential oil products aren't up to the job.

Enter Ecovet, a totally different type of fly spray.

Developed, tested, endorsed and owned by veterinarians, Ecovet is not a pyrethrin/pyrethroid derivative (which can be toxic), and it is also not an essential oil product.

Instead, Ecovet's formulation is 5% each of three food-grade fatty acids, 84% volatile silicone oil and 1% fragrance.

Ecovet founder Dr. Tim John, a veterinarian, explains how the fly spray works so well: "After Ecovet is applied, the fatty acids evaporate and create a vapor barrier around the horse. This confuses and overwhelms an insect's normal directional ability — basically its 'GPS.' Thanks to this Ecovet barrier, the insect simply can't locate the horse as its next victim."

EcoVet 3In 2018, Ecovet introduced an improved scent based on customer feedback.

Dr. John describes the fragrance as an "herbal blend of lavender with a hint of tea."

The updated scent does not impact Ecovet's well-known effectiveness in the fight against flies.

Even better news? Ecovet is the only repellent that helps prevent insect-related skin sensitivity by stopping insects from landing on the horse in the first place.

"If insects don't land, they don't bite. And if a horse isn't bitten, there's less chance for insect-related skin reactions or hypersensitivity, aka the dreaded sweet itch," notes Dr. John.

Ecovet not only repels but also kills mosquitoes, flies, ticks and no-see-ums.

EcoVet 4Ecovet ambassador Jennifer McFall describes her experience with the fly spray: "Our facility [in California] is right next to a cow farm, so we get more than our fair share of flies! ... I've never found anything that works like Ecovet does. Their non-toxic fatty acid formula is completely unique to the fly control market, and it keeps our horses happy and comfortable so we can leave them outside longer, even in peak fly season!"

Horse owners can watch how Ecovet makes the flies get lost and see application tips at bit.ly/ecovetvideos.

Ecovet is available for purchase at eco-vet.com.

Organic Cowboy™Fly Parasites – fly control for equine facilities and stables.

Organic Cowboy Pic Panaroma
Biological fly control is a time-honored method to control flies before they become adult pests that can spread disease and trouble your horses. Fly parasites are harmless, gnat-sized parasitoids that are a natural enemy of flies. They deposit their eggs exclusively in fly pupae, destroying the immobilized fly in its pupal stage long before it becomes an adult pest.
Organic Cowboy Pupa
Fly parasites should be distributed in primary fly breeding habitats. Typically at horse stables, those areas where manure builds up along fence lines, messy areas in pastures and where manure is stored for later removal. When you find primary fly breeding hapbitats simply peel open the pack and shake your fly parasites out and they'll do the rest of the work.
"Fly parasite parasitizing a fly pupa."
Organic Cowboy's proven blend of fly parasites includes Spalangia cameroni, Muscidfurax zaraptor, and Muscidfurax raptorellus.
Organic Cowboy Pic Product
It's time to get rid of some flies - the natural way!  
Toll Free - 877.499.9190

Hoofjack, the solution for all your hoof handling needs

Hoofjack is a huge help for farriers, for horse owners for barefoot trimmers and for veterinarians.

HoofjackFrom Mini to Draft, Hoof to Head, the Hoofjack® hoof stand provides the support your need.

The Hoofjack® comes complete with cradle, straight post, magnets and instructional DVD.

Available in mini, geriatric, medium, standard and draft sizes.

All size are available in green, purple, red or pink.

Hoofjack 2A dental/headstand attachment is also available for dental/facial procedures.

Hoofjack® is manufactured and assembled here in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 208-278-5283 or visit us online at www.hoofjack.com so you can have comfort for your horse and ease for your body.

Ask us about our Tooljack, too.

The #1 Rule for Better Performance is Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

Lampley 2

Recent research into the role of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Selenium, Copper, and Zinc provides a link to improving immune function in horses. The amount of some vitamins and minerals required for enhanced immune response is greater than the amount required for normal growth. 




If symptoms of clinical definiciency are noticeable, the animal is already compromised with respect to growth, immunity, and performance.

Stay on top of the game...

Keep Frank Lampley's Products on hand.

Have a special need for another animal? Just give us a call!

Contact: Barbara Lampley Mandich

Frank Lampley's Products

199 Springton Rd.

Glenmoore, PA 19343



For problem horses, the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research.

bitless bridle 2The design allows gentle effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horses head.

Sometimes when you just can't find a bit that works trying the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems.

Going Bitless, no matter what discipline you are in (English or Western) even for a short period of time can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.

bitless bridle 1Transitioning to bitless requires a surprisingly small amount of effort and time, sometimes even in the first ride.

We suggest you start in a small enclosed area (round pen, indoor arena etc).

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is marketed all over the world and used in all disciplines.

Available in English & Western styles starting at $69.95, it is easier than ever to go bitless.

Made in the USA out of premium American materials.

To order bitlessbridle.com or call 877-942-4277

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