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The EquiGroomer was developed after avid horsewoman Cheryl Dauphin bought Leo, a 10-year-old, sensitive-skinned, Thoroughbred cross.

Equi GroomerTo her dismay, she quickly realized how dangerous it was to use any of the shedding tools she already owned because the large teeth irritated his skin and caused stress and irritation.

She began experimenting with a variety of products and settled on the only thing Leo would tolerate, a traditional shedding stone.

They worked well but wore down quickly and left a gritty residue in his coat.

She needed to find something that would work like a stone but last like a shedding blade, be gentle on his skin, comfortable to hold and easy to find among the stall shavings.

After much experimentation, the EquiGroomer was born.

It solved more than just the shedding problem, it helped Leo’s coat stay clean, shiny and soft, which says a lot for a gray horse who loves to roll in the mud!

More importantly, because it actually grabs the loose hair and pulls it away rather than just pushing it around, it has cut his shedding time in half.

What makes the EquiGroomer unique is the design of its teeth.

Most traditional shedding blades are made from flat steel with both a coarse and fine sawtooth pattern cut into its edge.

Each tooth on the EquiGroomer’s blade includes a tiny barb that actually grabs the dead, dry, scaly hair and pulls it out.

In addition, those teeth are so small that they’ll never make contact with the skin, even on the shortest coats.

This design allows the majority of the hair to fall gently onto the floor rather than flying through the air and onto your clothes, face and hands.

If the blade fills with dirt or hair, it can simply be blown or brushed off.

Daily use of the EquiGroomer will leave your horse's coat shiny and smooth.

Each time you glide the blade along their coat, you not only remove loose hair, you pull up the dirt and dander that’s hiding beneath the surface.

You also help bring up the natural oils in their skin. This is especially important for those horses that are bathed regularly.

Your horse is worth it.

Keeping your horse’s coat clean, shiny, soft and free from the itch and unsightliness of a shedding coat is the responsibility of all caring horse owners.

It’s the perfect addition to your grooming box not only during shedding season but all year long.

There are so many grooming products on the market today, but NONE with all the features, comfort and attention to the needs of horses like the EquiGroomer.

The EquiGroomer works great on dogs and cats, too!

Visit theiwebsite for videos and reviews demonstrating its effectiveness on all types of animals.

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