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Crackers on Sundays

By Debra Malinics

On weekly visits to see my mother, 91, I take our dog, Carmen.

CRACKERS 1My mother loves to give Carmen crackers that she stockpiles from her meals.

When my mother sees Carmen, she gets a big smile and asks, "Does Carmen want a cracker?" as she takes a cracker from the container and tries to open it, but can't.

“I can open it for you” I say, and she retorts with “I can do it.”

Five minutes later, she is still “doing it.”

My mother looks at Carmen and says, “Grandma needs to get her scissors."

My mother and Carmen slowly make their way across the room and with scissors, my mother finally opens the package.

CRACKERS 2I want to break out the champagne and throw confetti.

It's the little things in life that create pure joy.

"Do you want a cracker?" my mother asks, and Carmen whines.

The crackers slip out of the package and the first goes down Carmen's throat in one second.

The second goes down as quickly.

"Not so fast Carmen," my mother advises…. "Eat slowly."

After swallowing the two crackers, my mother looks at Carmen and asks …."Does Carmen want another cracker?"

And so, act two repeats itself in exact detail.

After two rounds of crackers, an hour has passed and I exclaim..."Oh my, look at the time, we've got to go!"

Only once have I made it to three rounds!

And so, with farewell kisses, pats on Carmen’s head, and endearing words to return soon – to Carmen, not me – Carmen and I depart.

As I enter my house, my husband asks,” How was the visit?”

I smile and say, “It was a two cracker visit” and he nods with complete understanding.

Carmen looks at us both and seems to say, “I wish I got more crackers!”

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