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Candid Photos

Sandy C. Smith won First Place in Candid Photos with a charming photo of her grandson Connor waiting to feed an apple to a horse

Sandy C. Smith of Broque, Pa., won First Place in Candid Photos with a charming photo of her grandson Connor, who loved to feed the cats and horses in her barn.

CONTEST CANDID A Smith ckecks horses"Connor is my one and a half-year-old grandson." said Smith. "My daughter Gretel (who lives in San Diego, Calif.) and Connor took a long Labor Day weekend to fly back to Fox Brush Farm from San Diego. Connor delighted in the daily chores of feeding everyone. The blanket he carries has a pony head and tail which he calls Lovely. Lovely went with him most of the time! The box he is standing on was won by his mother, Gretel, in a jumping class years ago.The gray nose belongs to First Twilight and the helper kitten is Darrel."

"I am a licensed race horse trainer in the mid Atlantic," said Smith. "My best horse ever was Hear Hear , a turf sprinter, who equaled the track record at Laurel when he was 9 years old."

"Thank you for continuing THE HORSE OF DELAWARE VALLEY as it is a much needed publication for our area.," said Smith. "I hope my photo brings many smiles to those that see it!"

Smith, who entered The Horse's Photo Contest for the first time, took this photo with a cell phone.

"It's pretty darn hard to beat a cell phone," said Smith. "You can carry it around with you in your back pocket and just whip it out when you see a picture you want to take."

"A picture says so much more," said Smith. "It's fun to share your life with people"

"Connor was adamant about feeding apples to the horses," said Smith.


ELLIE GLACCUM of Unionville, Pa., won Second Place in Candid Photos with a picture of Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Hunt taken Dec. 5 at Thompson Woods on Route 82 in Cochranville, Pa.

CONTEST CANDID A Huntsman hounds filed GlaccumIn the foreground in huntsman Barry Manger, jumping the fence is whipper-in Mary Taylor Miler, and behind her is whipper-in Paddy Neilson, followed by the field on the hill behind him.

Glaccum, who is Secretary of Cheshire, took the picture with a Cannon EOS 40D camera that she's had for about five years.

"I follow the hunt some days," said Glaccum. "It's a nice excuse to get out of the office. I will be secretary for two years in May. I've learned a lot about fox hunting since I started here. I didn't know much before."

"As secretary, I do a little bit of everything," said Glaccum. "I pay bills, do property maintenance and collect capping fees at meets. "

"I put my photos up on Facebook," said Glaccum. "The members of the field enjoy seeing them."


KAREN KENNEDY of Peach Bottom, Pa., won Third Place in Candid Photos with a picture of 6-year-old Clayton Paxson hunting with the River Hills Foxhounds.

CONTEST CANDID A CLAYTON PAXSON KENNEDYKennedy took the photo with a Nikon D 7100 camera.

Behind Clayton, on the grey horse, is his father, Greg Paxson, a Master of Foxhounds of River Hills, and directly behind Clayton is his great-uncle James Paxson, MFH and Huntsman of River Hills.

"I used to ride and hunt, but I got too badly hurt to ride after a number of falls, so now I drive the hound truck and take pictures of the hunt," said Kennedy.

Honorable Mention Candid Photos

This exceptionally clear photo of a prized pet was take by Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa..

CONTEST CANDID B Prized Pet ThompsonPrized Pet by Thompson



Kris Smith of Unionville, Pa. took this photo. It is a picture taken in December 2017 in Unionville, Pa., of Tori, a 17-hand Oldenburg who has one eye and Sergio Juarez, 21

CONTEST CANDID B Horse Tori kissing Sergio Kris SmithTori kissing SergioJuarez by Kris Smith

Honorable Mention Candid Photos

Maryann Riess of Oxford, Pa., submitted this shot of the River Hill Hounds on a beautiful fall day.

CONTEST CANDID A Riess river hills houndsRiver Hills Hounds by Maryann Riess

Jennifer MacNeill of East Petesburg took this photo of grooms chatting in the warm-up area at Devon.

CONTEST CANDID B Devon MacNeillGrooms chatting at Devon Horse Show by Jennifer MacNeill

More Honorable Mention Candid photos

Ralph Conner of Wilmington, Del., took this photo of Amish farmers baling hay across the street from Second Nature Farm in Oxford, Pa.
CONTEST CANDID b Amish Hay ConnerriAmish farmers haying by Ralph Conner
Lisa Bowman of Langhorne, Pa., took this selfie of herself on Oz.
"We were just having some fun in the snow, and we have a great bond, and so he tolerates me," said Bowman.
CONTEST CANDID B HORSES EYE W. GIRL BOWMANLisa Bowman called this selfie "horse's eye"


Honorable Mention Candid Photos

Karen Trauger of Sprakers, N.Y., took this photo of her 3-year-old daughter, Carrie, with her pony, Domino.

"She takes him everywhere and loves him a lot," said Trauger. "A real horse girl in the making."

CONTEST CANDID B child w. pony Kohl






























Adrienne Morella of West Chester, Pa., took this photo of a carriage competing in Cones.



Honorable Mention Candid Photos 5

Judy Phillips of Elverson, Pa., took this photo of a rider and her dog in February of 2017.

CONTEST CANDID Phillips rider with dog




Karen Kohl of Sprakers, N.Y., took this photo of her daughter Carrie playing with her goats.

CONTEST CANDID girl w. goats

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 6

Beth Diamond of Linclon University, Pa., took this photo of the Fair Hill Hunt. In the foreground is whipper-in Gail Smith, with huntsman Kevin Whyte in the background.

CONTEST CANDID Fair Hill Hunt FiteFair Hill Hunt



Rebecca Diesinger of Pottstown, Pa. took tis photo of Cassie riding Gilbert in the Halloween Show at Plantation Field.

CONTEST CANDID B Halloween show at Plantation DiesingerHalloween show at Plantation Field

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 7

Nicole Graves of Colts Neck, N.J., took this photo of her daughter Skylar with a championship ribbon from a leadline class at the Ludwigs Labor Day 2017 show, her first show.

CONTEST CANDID B Child on pony GravesSkylar Graves after her first leadline class






























Danielle Stephenson of West Chester, Pa., submitted this picture of her daughter, Ellie, at Fox Crossing Jumper Show on Dec. 17.

"She is sitting on her pony studying her next course," said Stephenson.

CONTEST CANDID black outline STEPHENSON Ellie Stephenson 


Honorable Mention Candid Photos 9

Ellie Glaccum of Unionville, Pa., took this photo of the huntsman and hounds of Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds on a snowy December day.

CONTEST CANDID A 0116 Huntsman hounds in snow ClaccumCheshire huntsman and hounds on a snowy day






Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa., caught this Western rider, Rebecca Richard of Douglassville, Pa., on an Arabian with a lovely head and blowing mane.

"My horse's name is Vasari AF, and we were doing western dressage at the Blue Goose dressage show in Cochranville Pa.," said Richard.

CONTEST CANDID B Western Beauty ThompsonWestern Beauty by Pam Thompson



Honorable Mention Candid Photos 10

Karen Kennedy of Peach Bottom, Pa., captured the River Hills Foxhounds [southern Chester County] hounds with the field following over a log jump.

CONTEST CANDID A river Hill Foxhounds w field followig KennedyRriver Hill Foxhounds




Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa., took this photo of two children with their cat that she called "Fan Club."

CONTEST CANDID Fan Club ThompsonFan Club by Pam Thompson

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 11

Nicholas DeLeo of Souderton, Pa., took this photo of a horse tht seems to be enjoying being kissed by his young rider.

CONTEST CANDID B Child kissing horse DeLeoCONTEST CANDID B Child kissing horse DeLeo






Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa., snapped this photo of a little girl offering a big grey horse a treat that she called "Hand outs."CONTEST CANDID B Hand Outs ThompsonHand Outs by Pam Thompson

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 12

Jennifer McNeill of East Petersburg, Pa., took this charming photo of a little girl offering an apple to Fred.

CONTEST CANDID fred apple MacNeillFred waiting for his apple




Ralph Conner of Wilmington, Del., took this photo of Amish baling hay across street from Second Nature Farm on Catamount Road in Oxford, Pa.

CONTEST CANDID B plow Amish plowing ConnerriAmish plowing

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 13

Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa., took this photo of a little girl patting a cat in a barn that she entitled "Buddies."

CONTEST CANDID B Buddies ThompsonBuddies by Pam Thompson




Ellie Glaccum of Unionville, Pa., caught the Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds huntsman, whip and hounds approaching her on a snowy day last December. Glaccum is the hunt secretary.

CONTEST CANDID B 0133 Huntsman file din snow GlaccumChesire huntsman and the field on a snowy day, by Ellie Glaccum

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 14

Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa.,snapped this photo of a groom leading the number three horse in a race to the paddock at Delaware Park.

CONTEST CANDID B Number 3 ThompsonNumber 3 at Delaware Park, by Pam Thompson




Ellie Glaccum of Unionville, Pa., caught Mr. Steawrt's Cheshire Foxhounds' whipper-in Paddy Neilson snapping his whip at a recalcitrant hound on a snowy day in December.

CONTEST CANDID B Whip 7 HOUNDS IN SNOW GLACCUMWhipper-in and hounds on a snowy day, by Ellie Glaccum

Honorable Mention Candid Photos 15

Ralph Conner of Wilmington, Del., took this photo of Erika and "Basil" Esquire.

 CONTEST CANDID Basil ConnerriErika and Basil



Pam Thompson of Cochranville, Pa. snapped this shot of a Civil War reenactment which she titled "Old Glory."

 CONTEST CANDID B Old Glory ThompsonOld Glory 

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