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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Candid Photos

Honorable Mention Candid photos

Marybeth Dixon of Allison Park, Pa., took this photo (left) of Gold Medal Drive owner/amateur whip, Gail Aumiller, driving her 17 YO Friesian mare, Sjaantje Sport Crown, in their final gold medal qualifying American Driving Society FEI driven dressage test at the 2022 Garden State CDE.

Jackie Gicker of Millville, N.J., took this photo of a four-in-hand (right).Candid driving black single

Candidbrown driving team

Honorable Mention Candid photos

Pam Coath of Wayne, Pa.took these photos of a grey pony being readied to be shown at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.

Coath entitled the one on the left, "Fussing over the Pony", and the one on the right "Just right."

Candid Devon pony grey

Candid Devon grey fussed over

Honorable Mention Candid photos

Two photos of horses at racetracks.

Allie Barchi of Malvern, Pa. took this photo (left) that she said was, "A moment before work begins. This rider truly loves this horse."

It was taken of Jesus Ayala of Elkton, Md., on Scout at the Fair Hill Training Center

Karen Kohl-Trauger of Sprakers, N.Y., took this photo (right) of , "a young fan watching a racehorse at Saratoga getting a congratulatory pat on the neck from a happy groom!"

Candid loving a racehorse

Candid girl watching racehorse

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Sue Wiseman of Boyertown, Pa., took this photo.

"Jason Kring and his wife Sue Wiseman enjoy the scenery during a ride on Litibu Beach in Higuera Blanca, Mexico," said Wiseman.

Candid 2 horses on beach

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Pamela Bastings took this photo of Jennifer Cadwalader and Wilson King with his pair at the Inaugural Mount Harmon Point-to-Point Races.

Candid carriage

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Tammy Hang of Malvern, Pa., took this photo of Mike Wilson with Beau, Mike and Patches, at Book Family Farm in Coatesville.

Candid Mike Wilson w. 3 horses

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Elizabeth Yoder of Honey Brook, Pa,. sent this photo,

"This is a picture my niece, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Yoder took on her goodbye visit with her buddy, 30 year old quarter horse gelding, Smiley," said Yoder.

Candid girl w. horse head

Honorable Mention Candid photo

MaryAnn Riess took this photo of Master James Paxson of Riverhill Foxhounds in Nottingham Park , Nottingham Pa., calling hounds while one hound echoed the call, that she entitled “A horn and hound in unison.”

Candid Paxson calling hounds


Honorable Mention Candid photo

Sue Wiseman of Boyertown, Pa. took this photo.

"Sally, a Shire, is in full protective “mom mode” refusing to move for her owner, Barb Pattison of Oley, Pa., as her first foal, Beau, stands by her side," said Wiseman. "Barb’s husband, Joe, watches from afar."

Candid shire

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Maria Celai Mullins of Colera, Md., took this photo.

"This is my husband, Richard. He is 84 years old, on his trusted horse Colt 45 during a trail ride at Fair Hill, Md., at the beginning of the leaf change, last October," said Mullins.

Candid 84 yo on horse

Honorable Mention Candid photos

AnnMarie Price took these photos.

Candid grey w.boy 2

Candid Grey w. boy 1

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Brittany Costa of Gilbertsville, Pa. took these photos of her daughter and a baby goat.

"I work at Ironstone Veterinary Hospital," said Costa. "It’s a farm in Boyertown, Pa. My daughter Ivy and one of the babies bonding together. To this day this baby goat is still the sweetest girl!"

girl w.goat

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Patricia Dale of Conowingo, Md., took this photo of her grand daughter and a just foaled filly.

girl w.foal

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Avi Thai of Blue Bell, Pa., sent this photo of her German shepherd watching her haying.

"Tubby supervising me haying the fields at Ashford Farm in Conshohocken, Pa." said Thai.

Candid dog spervises hay

Honorable Mention Candid photos

Kathy Wilson of Honey Brook,Pa., took these photos.

"My grandson Lane having some fun with his favorite friend," said Wilson.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Nina Christianson of Elverson, Pa., took this photo of a member of the First Troop Philadelphia Cavalry.

Candid First Calvary






























































Honorable Mention Candid photo

Naralie Seeuwen of Newfoundland, Pa. took this photo this photo that she entitled "Future Partners."

"Mom caught this special moment between her horse and her daughter, who is just as horse crazy as herself!" she said.

Candid girl w.horse in stall

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Pam Coath of Wayne, Pa. took these photos of Radnor Hunt Huntsman James Dean that she entitled "End of day," and a whipper-in riding down Plumstock Rd..

Candid Radnor huntsman w. horn

Candid Radnor whip 2

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Nina Neilson Christianson took this photo of the Ardrossen Beagles and Tewksbury Bassetts.

Candid Ardrossan beagles

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Lori Miassion of Glenmoore, Pa. took this photo of Mike Wilson, riding Kenny,TWH gelding, from Coatesville, riding at Trexler preserve in Lehigh, Pa.


Honorable Mention Candid photo

Pamela Bastingsof Coatesvie, Pa., submitted this photo

"This is me as the Country Fair and Einstein the Corgi as the lemon stick at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair What a Good Dog Costume Contest," said Bastings

Candid costume.


Honorable Mention Candid photo

Ann Marie Price took this photo of a little girl feeding an apple to a big grey horse.

Candid grey w.boy 3

Honorable Mention Candid photo

Marianne Natoli took this photo of Leo Roberts of Pennsburg, Pa., on Theo.

Another great photo that easily could have been a winner.

Candid kid on horse


Honorable Mention Candid photo

Jodie Clineschmidt of Perkiomenville, Pa., took this photo, which really should be tied for third in Candid.

"The photo of the child is from Lead Line at Devon," said Clineschmidt. "I was hoping that he would not fall off. Just thought it was cute."

Candid child asleep Devon

Anne Moss wins first place in Candid photos

Anne Moss of Coatesville, Pa., took this photo of  her 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter Sydney Parllaku.

"She is having her first ride on the locally famous, 22 year old Shetland Pony, “Blueberry” Buchanan at Mercer Hill Farm in Coatesville, Pa.," said Moss. "Looks like they are both having a good laugh!"

Sydney was visiting her grandmother over Christmas when Moss snapped this photo with her iphone.

"This pony is the best thing in the whole wide world,"said Moss. "But Sydney hasn't ridden since she went back home."


Candid kid horse laught

Brittany Costa wins second place in Candid photos

Brittany Costa of Gilbertsville, Pa., took this photo of Wyatt Williamson and Lambert in Boyertown Pa.

"This is Wyatt Williamson, taking one of his best buddies out for the day," said Costa. "Lambert got the day off from his farm duties and spent a beautiful Saturday with his favorite little human hanging out at a football game!"

Costa said her son Wyatt is 6 years old.

"I work at Ironstone Veterinary Clinic in Boyertown," said Costa. "Lambert is one of Dr. Allen's dogs. He's a Spanish mastiff. He's so big he barely fit in my car."

"Lambert and his son guard the goats at Dr. Allen's farm, and the mother and his daughter guard the cattle,"saidCosta. "They're farm dogs and keep the predators out."

"We were going to my step-son's football game, and Lambert got the day off to come with us."

Candid boy w. big hound


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