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Please join us each month and 🌟 send in your fun kid's shots with their ponies or horses....we want to show them off for you!" Send pictures and a brief description via email to:

Olivia spent the morning grooming Timmy and they had a nice chat with each other.
Olivia was asked in school what she was thankful for and her answer was, “Timmy”.

Sherry Owens

Kids C Olivia




I am submitting a photo from 2011 of my grandson,Connor Kennedy, age 4 at the time photo was taken. It was his first time hunting with River Hills Foxhounds at their annual Children's Hunt. Photo courtesy of Janice Thompson. He was riding his pony Spice.

Karen Kennedy

KIDS C Connor Kennedy





Ginny Jenkins went to the Nokota Preserve in Chester Springs and took this shot of a youngster visiting from Texas....her name is Elaina.

Kids C Elaina




My granddaughter ABBY BRYNN JOBSON 19 months old (daughter of Brian and Christina Jobson from Novato CA) riding for the first time on a pony named Toby. She is loving it! Time for lessons! Submitted by one lucky mom mom Debbie Jobson. Thank you.

Kids C Abby Jobson






Nancy Moffitt sent in this cute photo of her niece, Avery Walsh, showing this past weekend at the Ride for Ribbons benefit show at Wyndsor Farm.

Avery was the Champion in the Walk/Trot division, with 12 little riders competing, on our pony Falcon Hill.

This show, a part of the Freedom Horse Show Series, raised $5000 for a young mother with breast cancer. It was run and managed by Above the Standard LLC, a hunter/jumper barn in Oxford owned by trainer Ashley Brown.

Kids C Avery Walsh






 Ginny Jenkins took these photos at Ryerss Farm Blessing of the Animals

Kids C Ryerss Farm

Kids C Ryerrs 2 left










Kids C Ryerss Farm Right

Kids C Ryerss Farm left











Kids C Ryerss Farm big








 Ginny Simon sent in this photo of the kids waiting for the stick race to begin at Dressage as Devon.

Kids C Stick Horse Contest DAD


Ginny Jenkins took these photos of youngsters at Dressage at Devon.

Kids C 3 right DAD

Kids C DAD 1













Kids C DAD 3 right

Kids C DAD 2
























Here are some photos of my daughter Grace and her pony Thumper aka “ Over the Moon”.

They are best buds, two peas in a pod and a great team together.

Grace and Thumper are both 11 years old.

Thumper is a Chincoteague pony.

He’s the best little pony a girl could ask for.

Amy Wagner

Kids C Grace Wagner

Kids C Grace












Kids C Grace 3



Fenya Siepser giving her mini mule "Twix" some love

Kids C Fenya Siepser



Ginny Jenkins took these photos at the OVCT Over The Hill Horse Show

Kids C 2 4H Club Members at OVC



My granddaughter Ava Gray enjoying cubbing with Cochran Hunt. Kenneth Wilson

Kids C Ava Gray



This is a series of photos taken by Ginny Jenkins at the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show on Labor DayKids C Ludwigs




The happy young child riding her Merry Go Round Horse here is our now grown up Graphic Designer at THE HORSE, Ms. Lauren Ellis (shown with her mom, who both run Ellis Design Group). They both ride real horses now! 😊

Kids C Lauren Ellis


Horse's name is Maria D and she's a standardbred aged 28 that I've owned for 24 years.

Mark Rodriguez is 13 and has been riding her for almost three years. They do western gaming and Hunter paces.

She may be older than the average horse but she's still the Energizer bunny!

I took the picture after he gave her a 'spa' treatment for his first time at the National Standardbred Show which was held at the Horse Park of NJ Aug. 10-12.

He competed in the western gaming portion and came home with one second and three third place finishes.

Meryl Evangelisti


 Kids C Mark

Pat Kozakowski sent in this photo of her granddaughter Sabrina and her pony Daisy

Kids C Sabrina





My Granddaughter Savannah on her pony Elmo riding with Amwell Valley Hounds.

As you can see they both really enjoyed it.

Submitted by Savannah’s GMom Patty Renner

Kids C Savannah





Maryann Cully sent in this photo of Blue Mountain Pony Club member Marley Menzter giving her pony Trigger some much deserved hugs before they begin a morning of fox hunting with Rose Tree-Blue Mountain Hunt. (Photo by Christine McKinney)

Kids C Marley Menzter





This photo from Sherry Owens is a picture of a Shetland Pony from the herd at New Bolton Center (Sue McDonnell’s herd).

Hhis name is Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim meets Olivia for the very first time!

Kids C Tiny Tim meets Olivia





When each grandchild of Ami Howard is born, they get a Shetland pony.

Sophie received Smarty Pants and has been riding her since she was 4 years old, and they are now both 11.

They make a great team.

Sophie has moved onto a large pony but still loves to ride Smarty.

She does many things with her but one her favorite things to do is race her in the Shetland steeplechase.

Here's a couple pictures this past month racing at Breyerfest in Kentucky and of her racing her at the Devon Horseshow in Pa.


Kids C Howard 3
















 Featured below are Madison Heilveil, Molly Granahan, and Melissa Rosson of the Bucks County 4H Hippology Team.

They are headed to AQHA Congress and the N.A.I.L.E to compete in 4H Hippology.

Kids Corner 4H




 The Bucks County 4-H Round Up was held July 14, 2018 at the Bucks County Horse Park Revere, Pa.

William Roth age 12, of Quakertown, Pa., won the Draft Horse Driving, Western Grooming & Showmanship and several fun classes. William is Vice President of Round A Bit 4-H Equine Club.

Jan Cobb, Organizational Leader, Round A Bit 4-H Equine Club

Kids C Wm. Roth 1 right

Kids C Wm. Roth 2









Kids C W. Roth 3 right

Kids C Wm Roth 4






























Janet Ulmer said, "Although this is not my daughter (she is actually the daughter of a friend of mine) she is an amazing rider, and she has a stubborn pony.

He refused everything and made her circle and take each jump a second time.

Of course she was disqualified, but she truly demonstrated AMAZING horsemanship and the skills of a very fine young equestrienne.

She should have been awarded a ribbon for her achievement (despite the pony’s lack).

But they do make an adorable pair! I absolutely loved watching her work with her pony.

This shot was taken at The Buxmont Riding Club Horse Show on June 3rd.

This young lady deserved the tri-color for her talent and perseverance with her pony!"

Kids C little girl




 Linda Brown sent in these photos of Peyton Brown grazing her favorite Icelandic pony Ofigur, left, and Peyton bringing in the dynamic duo Tag and Rush.
Kids C Peyton Brown 2Kids c Peyton Brown 1















Trexler Goodman, daughter of Morgan and John Goodman shows enthusiasm for riding at 8 months on Deborah Rego’s “Patron”

kids c. trexler goodman 2




kids c. trexler goodman 1
















I saw your Kid’s Corner photos and thought I’d share some from my farm in Pa., Kris Bowman, Newport, Pa.

A riding student loves her lesson pony, Holly, left, and a Quarter horse filly and a new friend

kids quarter horse

Kids love her pony











Another student getting ready to head out on her favorite Percheron gelding, left, and my photo of a working student’s daughter and my old Appaloosa mare “ All The Best” ( and she truly was!)

Kids od App

kids favorite Percheron












Aspen was part of my Percheron geldings’ fan club too. He is now 26 yrs old, left, and from a VERY long time ago! After a fun pony camp, we all got a hayride with the Percherons.

kids hayride

Kids Aspen











Charlotte Brooks Reagoso's nephew George Hilton helping her to bring in her 17’3 hand thoroughbred. A gentle giant 😊

Kids Corner George

George Hilton grooming the gentle giant

kids c another George

Kids C George H


George Hilton finishes grooming

Kids Corner George Hilton

kids C George Hilton




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