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Lynn Symansky 9th individually in Eventing, the U.S. team is eighth. Dressage Freestyle is cancelled

TRYON, N.C.--Lynn Symansky, with a clear round, stands ninth in Eventing after the cross country, but just 5 faults out of first, which is held by Ingrid Klimke of Germany, on a score of 23.3.

Boyd Martin Tsetserleg photo by Shelley Higgins MacMillan photography KSR5987Boyd Martin on Tsetserleg in te dressage phase (Photo by Shelley Higgins, MacMillan photography) Will Coleman had two stops, Boyd Martin had one run out and Phillip Dutton was clean but with time faults, so the U.S. team, on 121.0, stands eighth of 16 teams.

Great Britain leads on 80.8 with Ireland second on 89.0 and Japan third on 100.9.

Stadium jumping has been moved to Monday.

The full story folllows tomorrow.


Tryon, North Carolina (USA), 15 September 2018

Following yesterday’s announcement of the intention to hold the Helgstrand Dressage Freestyle competition on Monday morning due to extreme rainfall forecast for Sunday’s original time slot of 8.30am, further discussions have been taking place to review the options available to reschedule.

Despite the best efforts of the whole Tryon 2018 team and the Officials, who have been working on plans for rescheduling since yesterday evening, including meetings with the Chefs de Mission and Chefs d’Equipe, the logistics of putting all necessary elements into place in time have proved insurmountable. As a result, and very regrettably, the Dressage Freestyle will now be cancelled.

“This was not an easy decision, but we have explored every option, including trying to reschedule the horse departures, and even looking at moving the competition into the indoor with a change of footing, but the logistics of making all this happen are just not possible”, Tryon 2018 Organising Committee President Michael Stone said.

“We know this is desperately disappointing for the 15 athletes who had qualified their horses for the Freestyle, and of course for all the spectators who had bought tickets, but the weather has simply left us with no choice. Horse welfare has to be the top priority and flying the horses out on the same day as competition doesn’t work, so sadly the decision to cancel the Freestyle had to be taken.”

“Although we are devastated that this decision has had to be taken, we’ve had two absolutely world-class competitions here at Tryon, including yesterday’s Grand Prix Special, and to see Germany’s Isabell Werth and Bella Rose taking double gold and Team USA claiming silver was a real treat for Dressage fans.”

The decision does not affect the Olympic qualification process, as this was completed on Thursday. The teams that have earned their ticket to Tokyo 2020 are Germany, USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Netherlands and Spain.

A separate notification will be sent to ticket holders.

Endurance competition cancelled at WEG, U.S. stands third halfway thru team Dressage

TRYON, N.C.--The U.S. stands a close third behind Germany and Sweden in  team Dressage with two of the four riders from each country having competed, and Adrienne Lyle is fourth individually.

The WEG can be watched live on your computer by googling FEITV, and signing on. It does cost money, but it is not expensive for being able to see every disciplne for the whole two weeks.

Endurance was cancelled at the World Equestrian Games due to high heat and rain.

The competition seemed cursed from the beginning, as some riders started out in the wrong direction at the start, causing the event to be stopped and then restarted until it was eventually halted. The following is the release from WEG officials.

Cancellation of Endurance competition at FEI World Equestrian Games(tm)
Tryon 2018

The remainder of today's Endurance competition has been cancelled due to a
potentially dangerously high combination of heat and humidity, and the
conditions out on the trail following heavy rain this afternoon. The
decision to cancel, which is in accordance with FEI General Regulations,
Article 109.12 was unanimous between the President of the Ground Jury,
Technical Delegate and President of the Veterinary Commission, and the
Organising Committee.

The decision is also in line with the FEI Code of Conduct for the Welfare
of the Horse, which states: c) Extreme weather: Competitions must not take
place in extreme weather conditions that may compromise welfare or safety
of the horse.

"This was a difficult decision to make, but it was done with horse and
athlete welfare in mind as the conditions this afternoon after the rain
resulted in extremely high levels of humidity and, combined with rising
heat, it was deemed unsafe to continue the ride", President of the
Veterinary Commission Thomas Timmons said.

British scientist Dr David Marlin, who has been working on heat and
humidity studies for the FEI since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games,
provided the Ground Jury with data from the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
(WBGT) index which showed a reading of 31. Anything over 25 is monitored
very closely, and the officials agreed unanimously that 31 presented an
unacceptable risk to horse welfare.

In addition, following this morning's false start, the FEI has tasked the
independent Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU), which is onsite
here at Tryon, to do a full investigation into the circumstances that
resulted in some horse/athlete combinations being misdirected. The
investigation will include interviews with the officials, volunteers,
Organising Committee and all other relevant personnel to provide a full
picture of what happened.
The findings will be presented to the FEI Bureau and the conclusions will
then be made public.

Update to weather conditions at WEG

The following is the severe weather plan released by the FEI yesterday


Sept. 11, 2018
FEI World Equestrian Games™ Severe Weather Contingency Plans
We have an onsite weather station here at the Tryon International Center (TIEC) and the National Weather Service is providing us with weather updates every six hours.

If Hurricane Florence, which is currently forecast to stay to the east of the WEG venue, should change course we will receive much more frequent alerts so that we can advise you of any severe weather forecast for the Tryon region.

We already have robust contingency plans in place for use in the event of severe weather conditions and this includes sheltering plans for personnel and horses.

There are 1,288 permanent stalls onsite and all barns are built in conformance with the International Building Code to withstand winds up to 90mph (144kph), so the horses are in the safest place here on-site. TIEC became a refuge for horses from five states ahead of Hurricane Irma in August/September last year.

We are working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure that, in the event of extreme weather, all horses in Post-Arrival Quarantine will be stabled in Barn 5, not in the tent extension.

We are working with three different electrical suppliers and have numerous generators on-site. We also have two high-volume wells on property, both of which are attached to the emergency generators and which supply drinkable water.

For personnel, there are multiple sheltering options on-site to ensure human safety.

In the event of severe weather that will impact TIEC, the contingency plan will include:
• Accommodating all horses on-venue in permanent barns
• Moving grooms accommodated on-site to permanent buildings on-venue
• Advising on secure sheltering locations for all personnel
• Continuing discussions with airports and Emirates airline (through Peden Bloodstock/Dutta Corporation) on any necessary steps regarding horse arrivals/departures.
• Ensuring smaller tents in vendor area are tie-strapped together for security (large tents are designed to withstand winds of up to 90mph)
• Carrying out additional drainage/water channeling
• Purchasing additional fuel tanks and fill all fuel tanks
• Preparing to remove fence scrim already installed
• Taking down flags

Any decision on delays to competitions or potential cancellation, would be made in accordance with FEI General Regulations, Article 109.12: Subject to the unanimous agreement of the President of the Ground Jury, Technical Delegate and President of the Veterinary Committee in consultation with the Organiser, a Competition (either before or during) can be postponed and/or cancelled, not only due to force majeure, catastrophic occurrences, extreme weather conditions but also for non-compliance with FEI Rules and in specific situations where the welfare or safety of the Horses, Athletes, Officials or the public is compromised.

For immediate National Weather Service updates, text “WEG2018” to 888777 (US phones only) or check out the website and on Facebook and Twitter at @Tryon2018. Any potential updates to schedules and programming


AT THE PRESS conference yesterday, they had the operations director from the TIEC and the secretary general from the FEI speak.

They are getting updates from the National Weather Service every 6 hours and more frequently if needed.

The director of operations for the TIEC, Sharon Decker, did explain that Tryon has often been a "safe harbor for horses being evacuated from the coastlines in the past, but since the WEG horses were here that those evacuees this time were going to a couple of other large show facilities in the area, one that is called F.E.N.C.E.S.

She also said because of the area's location in "bowl" between the three mountain ranges here, the weather is most often more moderate than other areas in the Carolinas.

All horses have been moved to permanent stabling, all generators and emergency vehicles have had their fuel tanks filled, they have an evacuation plan if needed for horses and humans, which would include moving the grooms out of their small portable cabins and equipment
out of low lying areas where possible.

When the subject of the buildings not being finished was mentioned, the press conference moderator did quickly move the conversation back to the weather.

World Equestrian Games are threatened by hurricane Florence

TRYON, N.C.--Hurricane Florence is bearing down on North Carolina, with landfall expected Thursday evening, and, according to Accuweather, Tryon is in the area which will receive the highest impact from the category 4 storm, where high winds and catastrophic flooding is expected.

According to a member of the media staff, there are over 700 competition horses in Tryon, but this does not count the demonstration horses for the World Equine Expo.

There are 900 permanent stalls, and those competition horses that were stabled in tents have already been moved to the permanent stalls, so all competition horses, at least, are in permanent stalls.

Laura Graves on Verdades Feb. 9Laura Graves on Verdades will be competing for the U.S. in dressageAn evacuation plan is in place, as well as shelter-in-place safety measures being taken.

More will be known about all of this after a 5 p.m. press briefing.

One question is whether the WEG would stop competition for the duration of the storm and then add days on after Sept. 23 to complete competition.

Competition at the WEG begins Wednesday, and the first two days should be all right.

Endurance runs 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 Wednesday, so that is safe and horses could even be shipped out before the storm hits.

For dressage, the team competition begins on Wednesday and ends Thursday with medals awarded at 6 p.m., and the first and second individual qualifiers will have been completed.

For reining, team competition is on Wednesday, with medals awarded at 8:45 p.m., and the first and second individual qualifiers are Wednesday and Thursday, with the individual finals scheduled for Saturday.

Eventing begins Thursday with the first competition for both team and individual medals.

But, not only is this a huge, category 4 hurricane, Florence is also expected to stall after it makes landfall, so for how long high winds and heavy rains continue is a huge question.

The footing in the competition areas is reported to be very good with excellent drainage, but that area has never borne the brunt of a storm like Florence.

Updates on conditions and plans will be posted after the 5 p.m. press briefing.



Weg set to begin with Endurance, Dressage, Reining and Eventing scheduled for the first week

By Louise Parkes, with editing and additions

TRYON, N.C.--The World Equestrian Games begin Sept. 12, with Endurance, Dressage, Reining and Eventing, with a 349 athletes from 54 countries competing for the first-week medals.

Laura Graves wins Aaschen GPPresentation to Laura Graves, winner of the Aachen GPNBC will air 57 hours of live coverage across its networks beginning on Sept. 12, and the complete televison coverage can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Endurance will be first off, with 124 athletes from 40 countries tackling the 160-kilometre course, which has been designed to be technically demanding, with twists and turns and plenty of hills.

Entries include defending individual champion HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum from the UAE and Jaume Punti Dachs who led the Spanish team to victory on French soil in Normandy four years ago.

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